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Permanent Placement Fees for all new hires:

Our Customer Service is 2nd to none, our rates are the LOWEST in the Fraser Valley/Lower Mainland (Hope BC to Downtown Vancouver) and we have a very high success rate. Guaranteed! Our fee is simple. The rate is the same for all positions that you are hiring for. The rate listed below is for all job titles with no exceptions. In order to keep our rates reasonable, the payment is due upon hiring one of our screened applicants. We will email or fax the invoice to you to be paid upon receipt.

  • All Full time and Part time Permanent listings are charged at the same rate.
  • The total fee is $800.00 plus applicable taxes. Included in the total fee we will include up to 3 employment reference checks. All non labour positions come with a replacement guarantee for 3 months and labour positions come with a 1 month replacement guarantee from the original hire date.

  • If you do not hire one of our recommended applicants, you do not pay our fee. This ensures you our valued customer, that Chilliwack Personnel Services will only give you the very best screened applicants. ________________________________________________________________

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    Please complete this form with your job descriptions and requirements.Please confirm that you have read and viewed the rates shown in the rates screen by writing on the page "Rates confirmed" then fax it to Chilliwack Personnel Services at
    (604) 824-6403.
    Looking For Employment

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    Please send us your resume including cover letter detailing the type of position (s) you are seeking, if you have transportation,what city or cities you are looking for work in and what the minimum rate of pay you are willing to accept. Please note that we can not contact everyone that sends us a resume and due to the high security we have placed on our virsus/firewall protection we can not return the automatic received link. Please feel free to send a seperate email asking for a receipt if you require one. Send it via fax or email to Chilliwack Personnel Services:
    fax#(604)824-6403. We will keep your resume on file for 3 months in the event that a position matching your qualifications becomes available.

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